Innovacelli Precision Barometer

Innovacelli Precision Barometer
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The Innovacelli Precision Barometer (pronounced inno-va-chelly) is the latest development in true pressure, pure physics barometers.  Developed especially for hospitals and laboratories, these barometers contain no hazardous mercury and are just as accurate as a fine mercury barometer.  We think they are even more accurate as they require no offsets or calculations that can lead to errors.  Also, the Innovacelli  scale is 4 times larger than a mercury barometer, allowing for a more precise reading of the actual air pressure.  Eight vacuum chambers sense the smallest pressure changes and translate those changes to a liquid readout scale.  The scale has a 70mm range centered on your altitude.  For example, sea level locations have a scale reading from 720 – 790 mm.  The scale also reads in hPa which is the same units as millibars.  The entire barometer is surrounded by a protective clear acrylic frame.  And, did we mention that it was visually stunning.

Allow 4 weeks for delivery as each unit is specifically made for your altitude.


Accuracy:                             +/- 1 mm

Height:                                 31 inches

Diameter:                            4.25 inches

Distance from wall 

In mounting bracket:            6.5 inches

Scale Range:                       70mm      

Weight:                               9 lbs 

NIST/BELAC traceable   YES

Made in Belgium



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Price $2,995.00