Nautical Tendency Barometer

Nautical Tendency Barometer
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The Tendency Barometer was patented on December 23, 1818 in Scotland by Alexander Adie.   It consists of two liquid filled tubes.  One tube in a U-shaped which is open ended and filled with a red fluid; and one closed thermometer tube filled with a blue fluid, mounted parallel to each other.  This is an accurate method of forecasting the weather.

When the fluid levels are the same, the weather is changing.

When the red fluid level is below the blue fluid level, the weather is fair (high pressure pushes the red fluid down in the tube).

When the red fluid level is above the blue, stormy weather is predicted (low pressure allows the red fluid to move up the tube).

By measuring the amount of difference between the red and blue fluids on the tendency dial, you get the local weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours.

The beautiful wood frame is made from European walnut with black trim and the unit has colorful nautical flags along the right side.

The thermometer measures in Fahrenheit and Celsius.  The tendency dial also measures air pressure in millibars.  The frame is wood with an old world type of finish and the parchment faceplate has nautical signal flags printed along the side.  It measures 19 inches high by 7 inches wide and shipping weight is 3lbs.   The unit comes fully assembled and includes a calibration kit to adjust the unit for altitudes above sea level.

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