Ship's Hull Tendency Barometer

Ship's Hull Tendency Barometer with unique horizontal sensing tubes.
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This nautical scientific instrument is not a toy but an accurate predictor of the weather.  First invented in 1818 by Scotsman Alexander Adie, it was the first smaller sized portable barometer that worked well aboard ships.  How does it work?

This model has a unique horizontal U-shaped barometer tube which is open-ended and is filled with a red fluid.  The closed thermometer tube is filled with blue methyl alcohol.  Since both tubes are exposed to the same temperature, the only thing making the fluid levels different is the atmospheric pressure on the open-ended barometer tube.

    When the fluid levels are the same, the weather is changing.  When the red fluid level is to the left of blue fluid level, the weather is fair (high pressure pushes the red fluid down in the tube).  When the red fluid level is to the right of the blue, stormy weather is predicted (low pressure allows the red fluid to move up the tube).  Actual pressure readings in inches and millibars (hPa) can be taken and a weather forecast made by using the tendency slider parallel to and above the measuring tubes.

Model A069 of the Adie Tendency Barometer, known as the Ship’s Hull Tendency Barometer, is mounted on a sandblasted frosted glass frame.   A sailing ship’s half hull, made of solid wood, is mounted below the measuring tubes to give the instrument a definite nautical flair.  This unit measures 15 inches wide by 9 inches high and weighs about 3 pounds.  Appropriate for home, boat or office and makes a unique corporate gift.  Comes fully assembled and with a calibration kit for setting to local altitude.  Shipping weight is 5lbs.  Made in Belgium.   

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