About Us

Barometers USA is a retail service of DD Barometers of Belgium.  DD Barometers has been producing barometers since 1965 and has a patent on the only accurate liquid, mercury-free sea-level corrected barometer, the Eco-celli.  Our latest barometer innovention is the Innovacelli Precision Barometer.  This barometer is specially made for hospital and laboratory use where true pressure is required.

The barometers are imported and distributed by Allivan Marketing of Tyngsboro, MA.  Managed by meteorologist Russ Christie, DD Barometers and Allivan have been working together since 1997 developing products for the US market.  The Eco-celli Barometer is now in more than 1500 schools in the US, thereby removing more than 1500 pounds of mercury from the environment.  With the introduction of the Innovacelli Precision Barometer, hospital can now remove their mercury barometers without a loss of accuracy.

For more information on DD Barometers, you can visit our web site at www.barometers.com

For more information on Allivan Marketing, you can visit our web site at www.allivanmktg.com